World Carrot Museum

Nothing says pretentious hipster foodie...

I love vegetable geeks. While searching around the Internets for information on whether carrot greens are edible, I stumbled upon this site, a virtual museum all about the humble Daucus carota. And yes, it turns out, carrot greens are edible. According to the physician Pedanius Dioscorides (c. 40-c. 90), carrot greens were ingested among the Greeks as a remedy for cancerous tumors, but apart from any dubious medicinal benefit, carrot greens aren’t too bad tasting either. They’re slightly bitter but have a flavor reminiscent of parsley and so work well to bulk up your soups, stews, and pottages. And they add a fair amount of vitamins…


4 Responses to “World Carrot Museum”

  1. I’m so excited about your blog. I’m just setting out on the reading, but I’m stopping real quick to mention that down here in Louisiana they seem to use carrot greens in at least one kind of gumbo.

  2. ohhhhh, i didn’t know this. thanks for the info!

  3. i love that picture

  4. Carrot greens are delish! Especially sauteed in a balsamic reduction. Mmmmm… Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding them on a regular basis. I need to make friends with the Farmer’s Market.

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