Midnight MoFo is Go!!!

Midnight SnackI guess it’s appropriate that this MoFo thing is kicking off at midnight, since that’s when I do a lot of my cooking. I’d like to think that I’m a fairly enlightened bachelor: I knit and do needlepoint. I bake cupcakes. I keep a fairly tidy apartment. I shower at least once a day. I very rarely wear the same underwear twice between washings. I try to take care of myself. But my one big nemesis is eating regularly.

If it weren’t for the social aspects of the Internet, getting to share my food and photos with the world’s netizens, I probably wouldn’t cook all that much. Preparing anything fancier than tofu and rice just doesn’t seem worth it if you don’t have the opportunity to share, even if only virtually. And I just forget to eat properly, sometimes for a day or two at a time, and when the hunger finally catches up to me, it’s usually late at night when I don’t feel particularly inclined to cook anything ambitious, much less drive to the 24-hour grocery.

It’s times like those that having a decent store of various flours and other dried goods comes in handy. The other night, I found myself once again facing an empty stomach and an empty fridge, and managed to throw together some hushpuppies. If you’re not familiar with hushpuppies (and if you’re reading from outside the US, you’re probably not), they’re basically little deep-fried nuggets of cornmeal-based batter. Traditionally, they often contain eggs and dairy, but as often turns out, those can be left out without really affecting the final taste or consistency.

These I just made with cornmeal, salt and pepper, a bit of garlic powder for flavoring, a little wheat flour to bind it all together, and plain old water, all deep-fried in corn oil until golden brown. I don’t measure anything, since it’s pretty difficult to screw this one up. Oh, and they’re especially good with Black Panther hot sauce, but what isn’t?


8 Responses to “Midnight MoFo is Go!!!”

  1. jenitreehugger Says:

    I’m liking the sound of these Hushpuppies – not being from the good ole U S of A I have never heard of them before.
    Happy Mofo’ing.

  2. No, I hadn’t heard of hush puppies before! the word made me think of slush puppies, but those are obviously something different.

    They look tasty!

  3. Yum! I haven’t even thought of hush puppies since a friend from Arkansas whipped some up for a potluck a few years ago; I bet my kids would go sick for these. (Also, I’m the same way~when I’m on my own and there’s nobody around to cook for, popcorn for dinner is fairly regular occurrence!)

  4. I’ve never actually had hushpuppies, but they always sound so good and yours look awesome!

  5. I’ve been trying to figure hushpuppies for awhile! This is of the awesome.

  6. I know what you mean about eating regularly, we’ve been here a month and most of our kitchen is still comprised of boxes. It has been a sad, sad life of take-out once a day normally around 2am from the 24/7 grease pits.

    Hushpuppies however, sound lovely.

  7. I cannot imagine forgetting to eat. i pretty much live and die for the pleasure, even when dining alone. you know the story of hush puppies huh? those dogs sure ate well. i really wanted to eat some of these in new orleans, but they are more of a southern thing, and not so much a new orleans thing, i think more like around NC.


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