Mofo Day Two (and I’m already behind)

Yeah, it’s way past midnight, but consider this my Friday MoFo post. Today, I bring you … fractal food!

Purple and Green

When I first saw romanesco, I was fascinated by its striking appearance, but figured it was just a gimmicky upscale cauliflower. But romanesco really does have its own distinct flavor. It doesn’t have that taste I associate with normal vanilla grocery-store cauliflower. It’s sweeter, almost buttery. Plus, it really is a damn fine thing to look at.

Fractal FoodAnd it’s quite possible the nerdiest vegetable there is.

I did a quick and dirty Google search—Sorry, not my usual standard of research, I know—for information on romanesco and mathematical patterns in nature and found tons of discussion online. And most of it, like this brief overview of non-Euclidean geometry by mathematics lecturer Mircea Pitici, is way over my head at 2AM on a Saturday morning. But Pitici’s overview talks about romanesco and crocheting, plus uses the wonderfully Lovecraftian phrase “non-Euclidean,” which makes it quite the nerd hat-trick in my book. Maybe someone can put it into small words that my sleep-deprived brain can comprehend…


7 Responses to “Mofo Day Two (and I’m already behind)”

  1. I have never seen or heard of this before but it is GORGEOUS!

  2. Produce+fractals=delicious nerdy love

  3. Oh! I love this!

    Non-Euclidean geometry is really the divorce of our marriage to perpendicular or parallel lines. Since Euclid laid out and founded our perception of geometry (the way we learn it in school, specifically) as a series of proofs based in parallel lines, it’s his gold standard the non-Euclideans have to compare themselves to.

    Imagine a saddle, or the shape of a Pringle. How would you draw parallel lines on it? Or perpendicular ones? They would spin off from each other like the wings of a stingray.

  4. I’ve seen them but I’ve never tried them.

  5. They kinda creep me out because nothing should be that beautiful.

  6. miss alix Says:

    that is one crazy looking veggie.

  7. I find your blog interesting. Why have you stopped blogging?

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