About Veganachronism

You can pronounce it however the hell you want. I’m okay with ambiguity. And corny portmanteaux, apparently. This blog is where I’ve decided to meld my twin interests in history and vegan food into a bastard hybrid of creatively veganized and accidentally vegan historical and history-inspired cookery, with a dash of miscellaneous food-history trivia.

Oh, and that little image up there? It’s adapted from an illustration of asparagus in an eleventh-century herbal manuscript. Sweet!

About Me

I have a PhD in English Studies, which I tell everyone if only because the sole value of a PhD in the humanities is to impress people at social gatherings. Unfortunately, the awe lasts only long enough for my interlocutor to discover that the PhD has actually ruined any chance of my finding lucrative employment, so I generally try to cut those conversations short. Gotta keep the mystery alive.

I currently live in Olympia, Washington, where I can usually be found drinking obscene quantities of coffee, roaming the streets late at night while fighting off the resulting insomnia, and occasionally begging for employment.